APT to celebrate Earth Day with free rides, press conference, giveaways

In honor of Earth Day 2015, APT will be opening the bus system this Wednesday, April 22nd, for a day of free rides. Along with walking and bike riding, taking transit is a low-space, low-carbon way to get around, and its efficiency improves as more people climb aboard. We encourage Athenians to look for ways they can go green when it comes to transport, and tomorrow you can do so at no cost!

The day will start with a press conference at 9am that highlights the links between sustainability and economic health, featuring Athens Mayor Paul Wiehl, Athens County JFS Director Bob Gallagher and HAPCAP Director Doug Stanley. The development of APT’s new Job Access Reverse Commute routes (5 and 6) would have been impossible without these partners. Immediately following the press conference we will be participating in the 11th annual Job Fair at the Athens Community Center, from 10 to 2. This event will feature nearly 90 area employers connecting with job seekers.

In addition to these events, a number of free Earth Day t shirts will be distributed around the system. Whatever your destination, we hope that you hop on the bus tomorrow – and encourage a friend to think about their transportation choices while you’re at it.

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ALERT: Stops Uptown will be closed the 18th for International Street Fair

Cherry Blossoms

International week in Athens concludes with the annual International Street Fair from 11a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday, April 18th. Food, music, dance and cultural displays take over uptown Athens!

APT routes will detour around the Street Fair area all day Saturday. You can board the bus at our Mulberry@Baker main stop, or at the Court and West State stop by Dale’s BP Station, but stops at Court & President and Court & Washington will be closed. Southbound stops along Congress Street will remain open. There may be some delays due to rerouted traffic so check on the real-time status of your bus.

ALERT: Flooding blocks Route 6 to Chauncey

As of 11am this morning, floodwaters on both S.R. 682 east of 33 and S.R. 13 have blocked bus access to Chauncey; Route 6 will be detouring down 33 and skipping the entire 682/Chauncey/JFS/13 corridor until further notice. Other portions of the route will be running and on normal schedule.

We apologize sincerely to our 682/Chauncey/13 riders and hope to be back in operation soon; we’ll let you know when the detour is cancelled.

March 2015 Market Saturday

This month’s Market Saturday falls on March 21. Between 8:30am and 5:30pm on the promotional day, all rides on APT routes are free without limitations! This means that patrons can chain together as many shopping trips as they want. Be sure to take advantage of this unique situation.

ALERT: Level 3 Snow Emergency closes all APT routes

The Sheriff has issued a Level 3 Snow Emergency for Athens County. This means that roads are so hazardous after heavy snow that only emergency vehicles are allowed to drive on them. All bus routes are closed until the alert level is downgraded to 2. Please stay at home and do not attempt to drive!

UPDATE: Due to continued snowfall and closure of many businesses and services, APT has made the decision to remain closed the rest of the day. Service will be restored tomorrow morning.

Confirmed business and agency closures already in effect include: Ohio University (until 5pm), Athens City Schools, Athens County Job and Family Services, City of Athens Administrative Offices, and Holzer Clinic. OU’s Baker Center will remain open as a resource for County residents without power.

Closures already in place include Athens City Schools,

Summit Loop Suspended 1/19/15

During Ohio University’s weather-related campus closure tomorrow, Thursday February 19, the Summit campus bus loop will not be running. Service will resume when campus reopens Friday. All other APT routes are currently set to run on their normal schedules.

A Valentine’s Day Market Saturday

Love is in the air this weekend, and so are free bus rides! This month’s Market Saturday happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Go anywhere on APT free of charge between 8:30am and 5:30pm.

APT steps up enforcement of reduced-fare ID rules

To more fully comply with Ohio regulations requiring transit systems to verify the elderly or disability status of patrons requesting a reduced fare rate, Athens Public Transit is revisiting its certification process. We remind all of our riders requesting a 1/2-price E&D fare for age or disability to first get a certification ID card (Blue ID).

The certification form is available here, from drivers, from our service garage on 397 West State Street, and by mail. Complete the form and return it along with a photo to the 1st floor Mayor’s Office at the Athens City Building on 8 East Washington Street. Unless you are applying on the basis of temporary disability, you should go through the certification process only once: patrons who have already been certified for an unlimited-ride picture pass need not reapply for a Blue ID, and a Blue ID is valid for punchcard ticket or picture pass creation.

As of February 1, drivers are routinely checking Blue ID cards. From March 1 on, patrons paying with cash fare or buying punchcards must ride at the standard fare rate unless a Blue ID has been presented.

For more information, please consult our Fare Discount Eligibility page or our system policy manual.

IMPORTANT: this procedure deals with fare discounts. It shall not deprive you of your right to ride public transit!

New Route 5-6 Schedules and Maps Available

With the launch of the expanded Route 5 and new Route 6 just around the corner, we thought it was high time we posted some maps and schedules for our customers. You can view the new information under the Schedules menu using the “Routes 5 & 6″ page: http://www.athenstransit.org/routes-5-6/. The new schedules will be live in DoubleMap Monday; updates to the Google Transit trip planner will trail by a couple of weeks as the new GTFS feed processes.

The essentials to remember: weekdays Route 5 runs 7:20-7:30, Route 6 runs 6:53-7:00; both loops go to The Plains, Route 6 goes to Chauncey and the County Home; the loops run opposite directions so you can go out and back on Union or Columbus Road now. Happy riding, and don’t hesitate to call 740-592-2727 if you have questions!

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Westside/Plains/Chauncey Expansion to launch on February 2nd

Like Bill Murray in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, some Athens bus riders are about to spend a lot more time in loops! Fortunately for us, this development represents an improvement rather than the time trap that Murray’s character Phil found himself in.

Starting February 2nd, 2015, APT will expand the hours on its Route 5 loop from the current hourly trips 9:30am-5:30pm to 7:30am-7:30pm. At the same time, a brand new loop will be opening – Route 6. The 6 will run hourly 7:00am-7:00pm.

The two loops complement each other: The 5 visits Columbus Road, The Plains, Union Street, O’Bleness Hospital and the West Side neighborhood before returning uptown, while the 6 will run a similar path in the opposite direction, beginning with the West Side neighborhood and leaving town on West Union, returning on Columbus Road.

In town, the two loops will combine to provide what is essentially back-and-forth service in the Union Street and Columbus Road business corridors. “6 to go, 5 to return” is the phrase to remember for W Union Street destinations; “5 to go, 6 to return” works for Columbus Road.

There is one major difference between the two loops: Route 6 follows a straighter path through The Plains and has time to visit the Village of Chauncey as a result! The bus route also stops at the County Home on Rt. 13. The expansion is funded through a federal Job Access Reverse Commute grant, and the Department of Job and Family Services has been an important local matching partner. There are now thousands of job locations that will be transit accessible to new groups of rural residents.

Keep an eye out for temporary bus stop signs dotted along the path of the new 6 – besides numerous locations in West Athens, there will be signs at The Plains library and at the Chauncey post office and elementary school building. And remember: anywhere outside the Athens City limits is a hail zone – you can hail the bus (wave it down) and it will stop to let you board at the nearest safe location!

Spread the word and check back often. APT staff will be updating this site and other information sources with new maps, timetables, and other information. Call 740-592-272 or email info@athenstransit.org with questions about the new service.