ALERT: Route Detours During International Street Fair Saturday

On Saturday, April 19th, Court Street between Union and West State will be closed for the 2014 International Street Fair, the concluding event in Ohio University’s International Week. The Street Fair runs from 11am-5pm and features food, crafts and performance from around the world.

In response to the road closure, APT will reroute our outbound routes 2,3, and 5. The Court and Washington bus stop by the Presbyterian Church (across from People’s Bank) will be closed all day Saturday. This is the only stop affected. There will be a temporary stop marked a block over at the intersection of College St and Washington, next to the Methodist Church. We heartily encourage attendees to take the bus to reduce traffic congestion uptown. Enjoy the Street Fair!

UPDATE: West Mulberry reopened to light vehicles, bus routes to remain on President St until summer

Following inspection of utility tunnels under West Mulberry Street, the Athens City Service Safety Director has cleared the street to be reopened to light vehicle traffic. However, there are findings of weakened roof sections of the tunnel similar to the conditions that caused a sinkhole on University Terrace last year. With the heightened risk of tunnel collapse under heavy loads, the City has directed that all bus services continue to be re-routed to President Street, and all other heavy vehicle traffic is encouraged to avoid West Mulberry.

Tunnel repair is now scheduled to occur along with Columbia Gas infrastructure repairs and improvements after the close of the Ohio University semester. As a result, bus patrons should expect the Mulberry@Baker and S Court@Chubb stops to remain relocated on President Street until at least the end of May 2014. We are looking into temporary improvements to make the President Street stop more passenger-friendly during these months.

UPDATE: Mulberry St closure continues – President St remains temp main stop

As of Friday, March 21, West Mulberry Street remains indefinitely closed as the City of Athens considers how to address utility tunnel damage under the west end of the street by the Oxbow Bridge. Mulberry@Baker and Court & President (Chubb Hall) stops are still closed as well. Passengers should use the President Street temporary stop in front of Bentley. Thanks for your understanding as we continue to adapt to these unexpected closures.

ALERT: Main Connecting Stop Temporarily Moved from Mulberry to President

Update: as of Monday March 16th, Mulberry Street is still closed. Additionally, we realized over the weekend that with closure also impacting the stop on S. Court at Chubb Hall, we had forgotten to post signs to this effect; while the impact was intuitive to us with South Court St being one-way and temporarily inaccessible, the lack of signs notifying passengers of this stranded some people. We apologize for this oversight and are working on getting signs out at the Chubb Hall stop later today. Bottom line: if you normally wait for the bus at Chubb Hall, please cross the street and wait for bus on President Street until further notice.

Effective Friday, March 14th, the City of Athens will be performing emergency road work on W Mulberry Street between Richland and S Court. The work is being done to investigate condition of the utility tunnel infrastructure under the street.

APT’s main connecting stop on Mulberry (photo below left) will be inaccessible during the road closure, which may last days or weeks depending on the condition of the tunnels as uncovered. A temporary main connecting stop is being moved to the south side of President St one block north from Mulberry, in front of Bentley Hall and across from Copeland Hall (photo below right). All city bus routes and the Summit bus will stop at this location from tomorrow morning until further notice.

Temporary signage will be placed at both locations to orient passengers during the closing. We apologize for any inconvenience that may arise from this situation, and will provide updates as the situation develops.

Main Stop Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.48.41 AM

ALERT: Level 1 Snow Advisory This Morning

Snow continues to fall this Saturday, prompting the Sheriff to issue a level 1 snow alert: roads may be slick and drivers should exercise caution. As of 9:30a, all APT routes are running as regularly scheduled.

ALERT: Ohio University Closed Tue 1/28/14, Summit service suspended during closure

Ohio University has anounced that they are closing campus at 5pm today and canceling classes tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 28, due to the extreme cold and wind chill that has been forecasted. In consultation with The Summit at Coates Run, APT has left normal Summit service running tonight but will close the Summit loop for Tuesday only. Campus is scheduled to re-open at 5am, Wednesday Jan 29, so Summit service will resume then. At this time other routes are still scheduled to run normally, but please check in for updates as the weather hits.

Update Tuesday 4:30pm: OU has announced that university employees should report at the beginning of the workday Wednesday but classes will not resume until 10am. This change does not affect City/Summit service – ALL routes will be running on their normal schedules Wednesday.

Snow Level 2 reduced to Level 1 – Wind Chill advisory for Monday night, Tuesday

As of Monday morning, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office has reduced the county snow emergency to Level 1; nearly all roads are clear in Athens, and APT routes are operating on their normal schedule. Sidewalks around the City are still in very poor condition, and we urge homeowners to make their best efort to have them cleared – City law demands that sidewalks be cleared by property owners no later than 10am following a snowfall.

Ohio University is closing at 5pm, as the National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory through Tuesday. Temperatures with wind chill factored in are expected to drop well below zero tonight and tomorrow, so once again we ask that people be cautious and wear warm clothing.

ALERT: Level 2 Snow Advisory for Athens County

Effective 9:30am, there is a level 2 snow advisory in effect for Athens County this morning. APT bus service is still running normally, but may experience delays due to blowing snow and slippery road conditions. Route 3 service to Carriage Hill via Carriage Hill Drive has been suspended until the roadway is plowed, and Carriage Hill residents should access the bus from the stop on Richland Avenue. We urge our patrons to please use caution on sidewalks if you travel with us today.

UPDATE 7:30pm – Tonight’s Summit service is cancelled due to unsafe conditions on Summit hill and elsewhere on the route. The sheriff’s office has continued the level 2 through the night. We ask for patience from all of our affected patrons, and apologize for any inconvenience that reductions and cancelations of service are causing today.

Routing Changes for Daytime Summit Express

Effective January 13th, The Summit at Coates Run Express Shuttle is changing the route of its daytime loop for spring semester to deal with construction and road closings on south campus that have blocked the traditional route. The daytime route and stops will now be the same as the late-night route and stops. Summit residents should check the route page for more details and a special updated map and schedule.

ALERT: Be prepared in freezing temperatures.

With temperatures near record lows in Athens, Ohio this morning (media are currently reporting -20-25F with wind chill factored in) we want to urge our patrons to take precautions if they decide to travel with us. Frostbite and hypothermia are very real dangers in this type of cold! Please layer your clothing warmly and wear gloves and scarves to protect your face and fingers; use the buddy system if you can, or notify someone where and when you will be traveling. Avoid walking or standing outside for longer than 10 minutes, and take a mobile phone with you if you have one. If you have medical conditions or mobility issues, please consider scheduling with Athens On Demand or one of our local cab companies, as they provide door-to-door service.

If you are waiting on a bus, call 740-592-2727 for updates on its location. We are working to ensure that no passenger is stranded today. Remember, be smart, be safe, and do not take uneccessary risks. If you do decide to travel with us, all buses are currently up and running, on schedule, and well heated! Our staff are standing by to assist in this severe weather.