Trip Planner

APT now offers patrons a GTFS-powered trip planner through our website. The service is similar to Google Driving Directions. Enter a start and end address, with city and zip code – GPS coordinates work too, though landmarks such as business names are often unreliable. The planner will calculate the next, fastest trip for you with step by step walking and bus route directions.

Date and time fields can be changed to get results for a specific day or time rather than right now, and the leave/arrive menu lets you pick whether the planner uses that time you enter to either start or end the trip. It is also possible to change the planner preference between three options: less walking, which makes sure a bus trip will be shown if one exists, fastest route, which will show walking-only directions if the planner judges them faster, and fewer transfers, which attempts to eliminate multi-bus trips requiring a connection.

The trip planner is located in the sidebar to the right. Once you have Trip Planner arrowsubmitted a trip you will be taken to a Google Maps page where the results are displayed. You can explore the bus schedule through the day for your trip using the “More Options and Times” link (Photo 1 below). Use the arrows to scroll through the timeline and see the pattern of bus trips, and click a trip in the timeline to see its details. (Photo 2, A)

More Options and Times

You can also view step-by step directions from this view (Photo 2, B, C) – hover your mouse cursor over a simple direction block to bring an expander arrow into view next to it and click on the arrow to show and hide the details. Printing directions is possible using the gPrinterbutton at the top right of the window.

More options window

If you run into trouble using the planner, more help is available here.