Summit Express Loop

You can check the live progress of the Summit bus on APT’s DoubleMap bus tracker. Click HERE to download the app or HERE to view it in a desktop browser.

The Summit express connects the Summit at Coates Run apartments to OU’s campus. The shuttle is operated by APT under contract with Coates Run LLC. Morning buses depart every 10 minutes from 7:10am until 11:10am, thereafter every 20 minutes until 9:30 weeknights. A late night route runs Fridays and Saturdays, covering the Court St area until 2:30am. There is no Saturday daytime service on the Summit loop.

Per federal regulations, Summit service is open door, meaning that general public customers may ride the bus at standard APT fare rates. Summit resident passes are also valid on all APT city buses. The Summit loop and APT routes are timed to connect with a 7-minute or less wait between buses at two locations: the main stop (Summit stop 2) in the outbound direction, and Richland and President (stop 9) in the inbound direction.

Summit residents are also invited to take advange of the additional free bus service during Saturdays, holidays, and academic breaks when the Summit express does not run. Line 3 runs Mon-Sat and passes the foot of Summit hill southbound from uptown/campus on Richland at :41 past each hour, returning northbound to uptown at :53.

Download the 2017 fall schedule as a pdf