Athens Public Transit drivers are a highly trained and dedicated group. From vehicle inspections at 6:30am to the final cleaning routine when they get back to the garage at the end of a long day, these are the people who keep our system running. Drivers begin their training by studying to pass the tests for a commercial driver’s license, and complete training modules that include defensive driving, passenger assistance and sensitivity, first aid and biohazard handling, emergency procedures, and wheelchair securement and lift operation. Several of our drivers have been steering buses around the city since the early days of transit in Athens. The next time you ride with us, please take a moment to thank Andrew, Anna, Arz, Craig, Gary, Greg, Jeff, Jenny, Misty, Paul, Rich, Roger, Sam, Tere, Troy, or Wade for making your trip possible!

Support Staff

  • Mary Dailey – General Manager
  • David Smith – Administrative Assistant/Dispatcher
  • David Hope – Mechanic
  • Michael Lachman – Public Transit Coordinator