Athens Public Transit would not be possible without the support and cooperation of a diverse team of organizational partners. Each has a key role in helping our system perform to its fullest potential.

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Hocking Athens Perry Community Action (HAPCAP) As designated grantee, HAPCAP manages the system and coordinates interactions between partners, handling duties that include policy-making, state and federal compliance, contracts, system planning, grant writing and administration, and communications and marketing.

The agency is one of a network of Community Action Agencies nationwide that were founded in 1964 as part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Economic Opportunity legislation, and it has grown to operate a spectrum of programs spanning services that include housing and utilities assistance, early childhood programs, food and nutrition, and area employment and community development. HAPCAP also manages the GoBus and provides both management and operations for Logan Public Transit in Hocking County.

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McDonald Transit Associates, Inc. Athens Public Transit has a full service operations contract with McDonald Transit Associates, and all current members of the operations team, including drivers, dispatcher, mechanic and general manager, are McDonald employees. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the company has operations or management contracts for 27 public transit systems nationwide.

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The City of Athens The City of Athens is involved in system planning and certain day-to-day system functions, which include provision of transit facilities and administration of fares and passes. In addition to these services, the City contributes matching funds for State and Federal grant money from its budget. City officials involved in system visioning and decision-making include the Mayor and Mayor’s Office staff, the City Service-Safety Director, the Athens City Planner, and the chair of the City Council Transportation Committee.

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ODOT – Office of Transit The Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Transit is charged with administering FTA and State transit funds through its Urban and Rural Transit programs, and with statewide planning and regulatory oversight. The Office of Transit hosts a variety of trainings and conferences for its subgrantees throughout the year and makes vehicles and equipment available at reduced cost through state term contracts.

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Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Funded by congressional surface transportation bills, the FTA provides up to 50% operations and 80% capital funding for transit programs, as well as a variety of discretionary and planning grants. As a division of the USDOT it is actively engaged in rule-making for transit.