Halloween Weekend Transportation: Five Fast Facts

1. Don’t park on OU’s campus! If you don’t have a permit it could cost you $150.

2. Do park at the County Fairgrounds! It is $10 for the weekend, with security on site. APT loops between fairgrounds and block party 5pm – 2:30am Fri and 3pm – 2:30am Sat.

3. Your rides between the fairgrounds and block party cost $1 cash one-way, like other APT buses; Bobcat Pass and City passes are also valid.

4. You can catch an APT bus from most Athens hotels to the block party. Returning to your room after the buses stop? Use a taxi service.

5. There are a few daytime detours to regular APT lines on Saturday to be aware of.

Have a safe, fun, and extreeeemely spooky Athens Halloween!

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