System Map and Schedules

APT offers five daily routes, each marked by a number and color. The current schedule started July 1st, 2016.

The full route map and rider guide can be viewed here in your web browser by clicking on the images, or downloaded as 2 jpeg files (Cover) (Map) or a single pdf file. Files are 1MB size, so please be patient!

Reading the Schedules

Links to schedule pages: Lines 2 and 3 Line 4 Lines 5 and 6

To save space, each timepoint bus stop’s time is shown on the front map/schedule once, as minutes past the hour – it is up to you to check hours of operation for the route. For example, Route 3 runs hourly from from 6:46a-7:57p; the timetable shows a stop at Kroger at :12. You can board the Route 3 bus at Kroger at 9:12a, 1:12p, 7:12p, or any other hour within the service span, but 6:12a or 8:12p are outside the hours of service.

For those who prefer to browse a longform timetable, these are listed on the back of the schedule sheet. Longform timetables have later stops in a line run further down the page, while each run later in the day is a new column moving left-to-right.