Back to School – Bobcat Pass, Construction, and more

It’s that time of year again – Athens population is once again on the upswing as both K-12 schools and Ohio University get ready to reopen.  If you’ve been away this summer or are new to the area, here are a few important pieces of transit news.

Bobcat Pass is Back

The one-year pilot of Bobcat Pass expired June 30th, but Ohio University has renewed their contract with APT. Members of the university community, including students, faculty, staff and emeritii, can continue riding the bus free with their university ID card.

Expect Delays

Repaving work will soon begin on E State St east of the 33 interchange and may continue throughout the fall. Already work on entrance and exit ramps in the interchange is starting to reduce traffic to one lane. Congestion will directly affect Lines 2,3, and 4, but even Lines 5 and 6 will be impacted – if a line delay is longer than 10 minutes, APT will not attempt to hold other lines for the normal timed transfer. We apologize in advance for the longer travel times, but are confident that a fully redeveloped E State is well worth some short-term inconvenience!

Free Days for the City Pool Send-Off

On Friday 8/25 and Saturday 8/26, the City of Athens will say farewell to the old City Pool with two free admission pool days, 9am-4pm. APT is supporting this event with free bus service systemwide both days. Besides the fun of taking one last dip in the pool, this is a great chance for people new to town to try out the bus for any trip purpose.

Correction: an earlier version of this article stated that the City Pool free event was only on Friday; it is on both Friday and Saturday.


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