APT to pilot later evening hours to 10pm starting August 15th

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve service, Athens Public Transit is pleased to announce a fall pilot of later service hours on two bus lines: the 3 and the 4. These two lines cover most of Athens City and will run up to the 10pm hour six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

The 3’s last stop of the day will be at 9:56pm, while the 4 will make its last stop at 9:45pm. The start date for the new schedule is Monday, August 15, and the pilot will run all fall. A public hearing will be held in September to assess the initial effectiveness of the evening hours and take public comment on whether they should be continued after the end of the calendar year.

APT is making small revisions to all schedules as part of this schedule change, so check back for updated information in the next week. Many times at bus stops will shift by a minute or two to more accurately align with average times shown in historical tracking data.


UPDATE! As of 8/3/16, all new schedules starting 8/15 have been posted here on the website. Please take a few minutes to check whether the scheduled departure time at your bus stop has changed or not.

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